EU Next Gen' webinar


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EU Next Gen' webinar

Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution

"Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution" March 5th, 6.30pm (CET)
European Historic Houses - Next Gen' Group

Join us on 5th March at 18:30h CET for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the intricate dynamics surrounding the transition of historic houses from one generation to another. This process can be daunting. However, Karen Erwin and Kivanc Cubukcu are here to guide you through this journey, offering insights and strategies to unravel the transition process.

In this informative session, Karen Erwin and Kivanc Cubukcu will shed light on the significance of mediation and non-violent conflict resolution in facilitating smooth generational shifts within historic households. Drawing from their expertise in conflict resolution and estate planning, they will explore practical approaches to navigate difficult conversations and address the multifaceted challenges that arise during this transition period.

Karen Erwin is a professional Mediator and facilitator and has been in practice for over 20 years. She is also a solicitor and a company director of her own company Erwin Mediation Services Ltd, Dublin. She works with family businesses and succession planning; helping families to have end of life conversations and resolving succession issues. She mediates all types of commercial disputes and, in particular, family businesses.

Kivanc Cubukcu has been learning and practicing non-violent communication extensively since 2018, having trained and worked with a diverse group of international trainers. He has been sharing non-violent communication based mediation since 2020 in different contexts, including coliving communities, intimate relationships, family relationships and between cofounders. 

Whether you are a young person grappling with the prospect of being passed on the cherished family estate or a professional seeking to support clients through this delicate process, this webinar offers valuable perspectives and actionable strategies to navigate the transition with clarity and compassion.

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mardi 5 mars 2024
18:30 19:30 (Europe/Brussels)

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